I am an expression of life, light, love, and oneness. I project image and likeness through thought, word, and deed as creative energy. This energy shapes my life creates my results, causes my reality and evolves my eternity. With the natural energy directives of thought, feelings, and desire, I express the all-pervading unconditional love that directs redirects and harmonizes energy. 

I am thankful for the understanding of the laws that materialize energy. I am wellbeing, I am freedom of expression, and I am spirit presence. 

Spirit presence, expressed in me, as me and through me, causes only pure unconditional love to emanate from me. This unconditional love causes fulfillment; it causes well-being. It causes sustenance; it causes health, it causes order. 

With the speed of thought, I direct this unconditional love to everyone, everywhere, throughout planet earth. I pronounce this invocation, through thought, through love, through the vibration of the spoken word, in the name of spirit presence, In the name of spirit consciousness, in the name of spirit power, In the name of Living Whole - I – Spirit.

 I love everyone, everywhere and through spirit consciousness, spirit power, spirit presence, I acknowledge my spirit self-expression, I acknowledge the spirit self-expression of others  I acknowledge the spirit self-expression of everything, everywhere as the One All-Pervading, Cohesive Spirit of the Living, Creative Source of All.